Investment Project Analysis @ Global Proteus

I have been in this micro-VC fund since the idea was conceived. We are building an attractive portfolio of mexican startups. We are a public-private fund (private and government investors).

Teacher @ Tecnológico de Monterrey

I teach in the Industrial Design Department. I started programming an web platform for a competence-based evaluation. Now, I teach electronic product prototyping, and we have an awesome IoT project with our great partner Intel.


Global Shapers

Recently accepted in the hub, I am working in the development of a new project to boost economic and social development through the expansion of our business networks internationally.

Governance in Social Media


I’m a consultant for this non-profit that aims to increase tech-based entrepreneurship in Mexico.

SumaValley Summit

Strategy and Tech Consultant


I collaborate here to help the development of IoT products. In this business hub you find experts in electronic design, integrated circuits, industrial design, and support services. Have an idea? We can turn it into a product



I’m a business strategy consultant for this branding agency. I also make some quick website implementations for them.



I programmed PLCs for their industrial ice-making machines.


Educational Trading

I helped to start turning this university activity into a business.

Educational Trading

Founder @ Element Tech

My first real-feeling entrepreneurial project. We pivoted from automation to software development, then to startup administration services.

Process Manager @ Grupo Hollister

This was my operations management experience. I was in charge of a 95-employee workforce that produced up to 60,000 women fashion products every month. I also started a new product line and its manufacturing.

Teacher and Math Trainer @ CEDI

I never hesitated when invited to teach in the place where I studied. I taught middle school Science. Also, I trained students for the Math Olympiad and we had impressive results: My middle school students beat high school students in several competitions.